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After the War on Drugs

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After the War on Drugs
- learn from our videohow a post-prohibition world will look like

By sarosip

Created 2009-12-18 17:19


We talk so much about ending the war on drugs – but do we really know how a post-prohibition world may look like? We know that we want the government and not the criminal organizations to control the drug market – but how different drugs will be taxed and regulated? What are there models for regulation and control? What lessons we learnt from the story of tobacco and alcohol, how can we avoid the same problems when we legalize currently illegal drugs? Should we regulate marijuana and heroin in the same way, or adjust the legislation to the specific risks of different drugs?
Transform Drug Policy Foundation, a London-based think tank presented its report on legal regulation of durgs at the International Drug Policy Reform Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We interviewed leading drug policy reformers – such as Ethan Nadelmann [1], Danny Kuschlick [2], Mark Haden [3] and Sanho Tree [4]- at the conference to give answers to the questions raised above.
If you would like to learn more, we advise you to download Transform’s report [5] and visit Mark Haden’s website [3], where you can find several other resources.


Gadejuristen – The Danish Street Lawyers

Gadejuristen – The Danish Street Lawyers

By sarosip
Created 2009-09-23.

The Street Lawyers (Gadejuristen) [1] provide a fascinating example of the way legal assistance can be implemented among street based drug users. The organization is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and provides legal aid to the most disadvantaged drug users in the city. In addition to sterile injecting equipment they distribute pocket size cards with questions and answers about drug laws and harm reduction. When our video team attended the meeting of the International Network of People Who Use Drugs (INPUD) in Copenhagen in November 2008, they filmed the daily activities of the NGO (as part of our EDPI project [2]).
Street Lawyers are among the best known advocates of the human rights of drug users in Denmark and they played an important role in the promotion of innovative ways to reduce drug related harms. The Danish government made an important step two years ago when it decided to introduce heroin maintenance for the most vulnerable group of heroin users. The program will start soon. However, there is no supervised injection facility in Denmark (like Insite in Vancouver [3]), so many people use heroin on the streets, in a risky environment where they face police harassment as well. The local police designated so called no-go-zones in the city center. Homeless drug users are not allowed to enter these zones, even if this makes it difficult to approach the needle exchange service. There is still a lot to do for Gadejuristen, who celebrated their 10th birthday this year. We congratulate on their succesful advocacy efforts and wish them a happy birthday with this short movie!

Posted by Peter Sarosi

A short movie about the Street Lawyers in Copenhagen


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[1] http://www.gadejuristen.dk/
[2] http://eudrugpolicy.org/
[3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Insite


BF’s nye søsterorganisation The Inner Voice of Drug Users (IVDU) i Chennai City i Indien.


December 2008.

Af Jørgen Kjær/formand

I maj 2008 kontaktede Mohan Babu BF for at høre om vi ville vejlede en gruppe stofbrugere lidt omkring deres organisering. IVDU startede som en uformel interessegruppe for stofbrugere i maj 2007. Jeg gav Mohan nogle små fif og oversatte BF’s vedtægter og formålserklæring og i juni 2008 indleverede Mohan IVDU’s officielle registrering til myndighederne i byen og samtidigt blev Mohan og IVDU inviteret med som affiliate i NAMA verdens ældste internationale interesseorganisation for metadonbrugere og som deltager på DPFUsers list – et uformelt internationalt internetbaseret netværk for stofbrugere med over 100 aktive deltagere fordelt ud over næsten samtlige kontinenter undtagen Afrika.

Mohan Babu satte samtidigt fart på IVDU’s hjemmeside som nu fortæller følgende om IVDU. Mohan blev også inviteret til at deltage i IDUD2008 – men da han skulle ansøge om visa til indrejse i Danmark var der stormflod og styrtregn som gav oversvømmelse i Chennai der betød at lokaltransporten var umuligt i en længere periode – kombineret med det afslag som Mohan i første omgang fik til indrejse i EU fra den tyske ambassade i byen – betød at han ikke fik det nødvendige visum i tide til at deltage i den store internationale tredages brugeraktivistkonference som BF arrangerede i.f.m. IDUD2008 (International Drug User’s Day).


The IVDU: Inner Voice Of Drug Users is an organization consisting of people who are drug users that promotes the health, well being, dignity of individuals and communities impacted by drug use. IVDU advances policies and programs that help people address the adverse effects of drug use including overdose, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, addiction, and incarceration. We realized that the structures of social inequality impact the lives and options of affected communities differently, and work to uphold every individual’s right to health and well-being, as well as in our competence to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities.


History of IVDU : The IVDU was found in 2007 may, It was more of Under ground that we had closed meetings and discussed on empowering active users to a positive life style and meaningful involvement in organizations, interventions and policy making. Initially it was called the Junkies union and changed its name to IVDU : INNER VOICE OF DRUG USERS as many members felt that the word junkie would give a bad impression on our members and the group as a whole in the already discriminating & stigmatizing society, so the members sat together, suggested and reviewed many names for months after it is now called IVDU. It now has a working group consisting of Community advisory board, Advocates and Ex/Active drug users doing volunteer based interventions.

IVDU og Mohan har nu en hjemmeside med en blog hvor Mohan regelmæssigt skriver om de mange problemer stofbrugerne i Chennai City oplever – substitutionsbehandling er meget begrænset i Indien og der findes lange ventelister af stofbrugere som venter på at komme i behandling.